Alcohol is a Drug

When we talk about dangerous substances that would destroy our body, the first thing that would come to our mind is cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, ecstasy, oxycodone or other harmful substances that we consider illegal. But somehow, many of us would forget a very dangerous substance that is common to all of us – alcohol! Because alcohol is legal, we tend to forget that alcohol can kill and can lead to irreversible health issues.

Drinking alcohol is a widely accepted habit. Sometimes, refusing a drink would mark you as an antisocial. Drinking alcohol is also glamorized by celebrities and actors and actresses. Most of all, drinking alcohol is considered as a great way to unwind and relax. Alcohol is often glamorized and worshipped that people end up forgetting or ignoring the dangers of alcohol.

But the truth is alcohol is a drug – a very dangerous one. It can destroy your body, career, family and everything else that matters to you. Most of all, alcohol drag you to your demise or cause harm to others around you such as strangers, friend or family.

Long-term alcohol addiction would lead to severe health consequences. It damages your organs, especially the liver, kidneys, heart and brain. It also leads to other health issues like hypertension, liver diseases, heart diseases and many other debilitating diseases. In worst cases, it would lead to death. The only way to end this addiction is through intervention, from family, friends or drug rehabilitation center Laguna Beach.

Long-term alcohol addiction isn’t the only thing that would lead to severe consequences. Even a single night of drunkenness can lead to a disaster that can ruin your or other people’s lives. Driving drunk could lead to a fatal car accident. It could also lead to long prison term. Under the influence of alcohol could also lead to domestic abuse or other crimes.

Drinking alcohol, whether it is habitual, heavy or light drinking, is never a glamorous thing. Alcohol is dangerous. It is a drug. It affects our health and body and lowers our bodily functions and motor skills, which may lead to dangerous situations. But if you can’t help but drink, then make sure to at least drink moderately.

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