Got Fooled!

I just read another revolting yet amazing article online. According to the article, a regular gas man in London was able to capture a monster rat… a 4 foot monster rat. Looking at the picture, I felt a little bit queasy. It was really huge. A 4 foot rat is like the size of an average dog. It would scare the lights out of any sane person… even rodent control services might feel fear when they see this rat.

At the back of my mind, I was thinking what would happen to me or my family when we such rat would invade our home. Most likely, it would scare us witless. There’s a huge chance I would run away in fright or stand still… frozen and would not know what to do. The ladies in the house would surely scream like girls or faint. But with my mother… there would be war. And it would be a grueling battle.

When I thought this article was legit, I then saw another article debunking the 4 foot monster rat. At start I thought they were just haters who cannot accept the truth. You see, there are a lot of fellows over the internet who cannot accept the things they see online. There would be people who would disprove others just because they don’t believe them.

But then I realize, their arguments sounded valid. They said that it was just a camera trick! It was a matter of perspective. That’s why the rat in the image looked ginormous. Other pest control experts, photographers and even a UCL professor showed valid exampled and explanations explaining their reason as to why they think the 4 foot rat was just a hoax.

Yup! The first article I read really fooled me. I really thought the 4 foot rat was legit. I even shared it on Facebook and told some Facebook friends that this must be real. Now, I realize I just made a fool of myself. I got fooled! And whoever made that image really fooled a lot of people.

Now that I think of it, we are lucky a 4 foot rat doesn’t exist. Because if it does exist, it would be extremely dangerous for us if 4 foot rats roam the city streets and enter homes. Aside from the damage or sicknesses they might bring, they might cause injuries – injuries that might maim anyone.

Scientists say 4 foot rats wouldn’t be impossible in the future, but I do hope I won’t live long enough to see that happen.

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