The Rats In New York

According to article I have read, a lot of New Yorkers are raising their voice of complaints regarding the huge growth of rat population in the city. For this year, the city has received over 20,000 complaints from residents.

One New Yorker even said that the rats are taking over the Big Apple. I have been in New York before and I definitely saw a lot of rats in the city, especially in the downtown New York and the ghettos. You would even see them stand upright and greet you while twitching their nose. Seeing one would surely freak you out because these rats are used to humans. They have the guts to run around the city and walk amidst the crowd. What makes them scarier is the fact that these rats are not afraid of anything at all! If you live in New York, you would probably see hundreds of rats in your lifetime. I am not trying to slander the Big Apple here OK. I am just stating the fact… the fact that there are lots of rats in the city. Estimates say that there are about 2 million rats living in the city. Others would say it is close to 8 million and there are still others who would say there’s at least one rat for every person living in the city. If it comes to the latter, then that’s a huge, huge number of rats.

In my opinion, it is not a surprise why there are lots of rats in NEW YORK. First and foremost, New York is one of the most populous city in the country and given the fact that rats coexist with humans, then there’s no doubt that there would be plenty of rats in the city. Second, there’s a huge sewer system underneath the city, in which most rats breed and stay. Third, New York trash problem, which becomes a rich buffet for these rodents. Most of all, the public health officials are still unable to find the perfect solution against this scourge.

Good thing I have long left the Big Apple. If I was still living there, then maybe I would still be plagued with rats. If and if only if there are rats in the place I am currently living in, I know there’s nothing to be worried about. This is because I can always rely on rodent pest control Huntington Beach to take care of it.

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